Comparison & Description

Comparison of Blogger and WordPress

WordPress is developed in PHP and it is open source therefore millions of PHP developers developing more widgets and to make its interface more user friendly to attract more number of people (technical and nontechnical).

Blogger provides direct access to the templates that means user can edit the template through HTML. Because understanding HTML is difficult for nonprogrammers; therefore they may have to stay with readymade templates. On the other hand WordPress's web templates are more stylish, professional and may not need to be changed.

Blogger's interface is more user friendly as it has pre-defined page layout and components on the page can easily be shifted/exchanged by drag & drop. Furthermore, in blogger, widgets can be added simply by right clicking the page’s position and selecting desired widget. On the other hand the WordPress is complex for non technical people because it does not provide facility to change page layout through GUI interface but by editing HTML you can change your page layout.

Bloggers provide facility to upload images and videos (up to 1GB) where as WordPress facilitate to upload images only till June 08 but later it provides facility to upload videos and music as well. In both services there is no need to write code for playing music and videos, users just need to select and upload multimedia files through a simple interface.

In blogger, there is no GUI which facilitates non technical web masters to add menus in their blogs. Whereas WordPress persuade non-technical web masters to add menus in websites/blogs through simple GUI.

Both provide facility to create account to access their services free of cost (only basic services) and account creation is easy even for newbies.

While registering a free domain name, both services append suffix in user’s selected (typed) domain name.

Both services save the contents of your blogs/websites on their servers, in this way these services encourages End User Programming by eliminating lethargic process of uploading web pages through FTP. Furthermore, Google provides an option to publish user's contents on user's server via FTP. This facility eliminates to use .blogspot as suffix for your blog.

Google analytical is being used by users of blogger for viewing statistics of their blog. Wordpress's users use their built-in tool named Stats
WordPress's users are not permitted to add third party ads on their blogs like Adsense, Yahoo ads etc. Whereas Google Adsense can be added in blogs of blogger.
Blogger provides Google search engine (searches World Wide Web) as component to be added in your blog by just selecting it. On the other hand WordPress provides built-in search engine that searches the phrase/query only from your website and provides the result.
Blogger uses Anti-spam tool for avoiding un-wanting comments on user's blog. Defensio is being used by WordPress for avoiding spam.